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Welcome to our new site!

Pets that were listed with Iowa Pet Alert in the last 60 days have already been relocated to our new site. If your listing was one of them, you'll want to check to make sure everything is correct.

To check your pet information

First, select the link below where your listing would be.


Next, scroll through the pets to locate your listing. (Hint: you can narrow the search by selecting your county.) Then, select the "Click to learn more" button beneath the pet image to go to the pet profile page.

Gallery Tile

Review the pet information on the profile page for accuracy.


Pet Profile

To check your contact information

In the website update, we’ve included additional security and privacy measures to deter bad actors.

Beneath your pet’s profile you’ll see a blue box asking users to agree to our code of conduct. Once you select the "I agree to the terms & conditions" box, your contact information will appear. as seen in the image below. 


If you notice information that is missing or incorrect

Having accurate information increases the chances for happy reunions. If you see information that is missing, or wrong, please email us at with your pet ID # (top right of pet profile) and the information to update.


Also, if the status of the posting changes anytime (reunited pets make us all extra happy!), be sure to email us so we can make the update. Of course, should you want to remove a profile, we can help you with that as well.

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