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a pet?

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a pet?

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Lost a pet?

We are here to help.

We know you’re worried, that’s why we’ve made connecting lost pets with their fretting humans as easy as possible. Follow these steps:

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Post your pet. If you don’t see your fur baby among the found listings, click here to post your pet.

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Found or spotted a pet?

Help us get them home quickly.

Lost pets break hearts and cause gray hairs. Help us get the fur baby you’ve found back to their family. Follow these steps below.

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Post the pet you've found. If you don’t see your temporary charge among the lost pets, click here to post him / her.

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Did you know you can pre-register your pets? Get started here.

Raise a paw to pets.

Social media posts are like a midnight bark – spreading news across the area so pets can get home quickly and pet parents can end the ugly cry. Click here to follow us on Facebook. 

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Our mission relies on you.

Iowa Pet Alert is a free service of The Pet Project Midwest. We rely on volunteers and donations to fulfill our mission. Please consider a donation of time or money. We thank you in advance.

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