Missing since
8/21/22 (Morning)

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(712) 577-0566
American Shorthair
Gray, Beige/Tan/Brown
Gato is about 11 months old and weighs a little over 8 lbs. He has yellowish/greenish eyes, short/smooth/silky fur on his back, and soft/fluffier/longer fur on his belly. He's very friendly, will approach strangers for pets and treats, and has quiet squeaks for meows. Gato didn't have a collar on when he went missing and disappeared the morning of his scheduled Vet appointment to get chipped. Please help me and my son, he is missing his young cat, Gato. Gato needs help finding his way home. We live at 22464 Park Loop, Onawa IA, heading towards Lewis and Clark State Park. Gato loves treats, belly rubs, and being groomed. He's the baby of the family and enjoys being taken care of by his brother and mother. He has soft smooth fur and the fur on his belly is tan/beige, plus his belly fur is longer and fluffier than the fur on his back. He's very friendly and likes to show it by rubbing against your legs. He's very quiet with soft squeaks for meows, which can barely be heard sometimes. We are concerned about the safety of our pets. Has anyone heard of people stealing cats in this area, because Gato's father, Igmu, disappeared from our home, this time (August) last year as well? Igmu was just like Gato loving and friendly to strangers just to get love, pets, and treats. Igmu is a gray tabby with white toes on his rear paws. He also disappeared without a collar on, just before his Vet appointment to get chipped. If you see Gato or Igmu, then please reply to this posting of the street address and brief location. You may also text us at 712-899-2238 and 712-577-0566. Your help is greatly appreciated