Missing since
12/8/22 (Morning)

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Orange One
Domestic Short Hair
Orange striped
Teal (if still on)
(Posting same info so people know these two belong together as I cannot upload more than one picture) Orange One has very unique markings down his back. He is cat selective, *he would just tolerate his brother*, but is a LOVEBUG! Prefers going outside to do business rather than use the litter box. Black One is even MORE of a LOVEBUG! CUDDLES galore, will sense when you've had enough. He looooves his outdoors and would go on excursions for days at a time! He got hurt a few times while out, if x-rayed will show where there was a hole puncture *guessing a dog bit him, left a nice sized hole bit healed super fast*, one of his back claws is weird and flakes a little, the entire thing was ripped off *he gets car sick and I just finished a 5 hour drive and he couldn't get out of the car fast enough :( * I did NOT think anything would grow there as the whole thing came off and bone was showing a little... my little miracle healing cat, as that healed FAST as well. He has two white patches on his chest one much lighter, another to identify. Both have gold eyes. Both don't mind dogs or active kids or babies. If they don't like something they just go on their way. I am their den mother. Was there when they were born. Their Mom (my niece's cat) would make sure they were with me while she went out from time to time. (Hence why I find it strange they both disappeared almost EXACTLY one month apart.) They are my ESAs. (Emotional Support Animal) Both are inside outside cats. I did not get them neutered yet (was planned) or microchipped, I don't know if someone might have since. This is just a shot in the dark posting my babies as it's been so long! Black One went missing 11/06/2020 Orange One went missing 12/08/2020 They just turned 2 this last spring.