Reunited on 7/18/17

Off white
Not Neutered
Des Moines - North
Aleu managed to get out from her visiting home near the college Grandview university. She is an off white color with a blue collar. Light blue eyes. She is 6 months old and she does not have any tags on. Please if you have any leads on here please contact me at 5157299749. Her tiny humans are going to be devasted when they wake up in the morning! Please help us get her home. UPDATE- Recieved very disturbing calls regarding Aleu. Claiming that she was hit by a car. These callers did not want to give me their names and lied about the situation. Aleu never was hit and never was at the spot they said she was hit at. These callers called me on private and attempted to have me stop looking for her. I will not give up my search! Aleu is out there and we want her back home!