Iowa Pet Alert

We are harnessing the power of the Internet to reunite lost pets with their owners. This unique service is an emergency alert system for pets that uses social media to quickly broadcast information about missing or found pets to people in the area (follow us on Facebook and Twitter by following the links below). We’ve already helped many dogs and cats find their way back home.

Recently Lost Pets

Name: Capo
Lost: 10/31/16
Type: Dog
City: Des Moines - East
Name: Unknown
Lost: 10/14/26
Type: Dog
City: Des Moines - South
Name: Business
Lost: 10/14/18
Type: Cat
City: Des Moines - West
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Recently Found Pets

Name: arliowa-165306
Found: 10/14/18
Type: Cat
City: Cumming
Name: arliowa-165292
Found: 10/14/18
Type: Cat
City: Mitchellville
Name: arliowa-165293
Found: 10/14/18
Type: Cat
City: Pleasant Hill
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Recently Reunited Pets

Name: arliowa-165264
Found: 10/13/18
Type: Dog
City: Altoona
Name: Leah
Lost: 10/12/18
Type: Dog
City: Norwalk
Name: arliowa-165248
Found: 10/12/18
Type: Dog
City: Berwick